Protecting our Neighborhoods and Keeping our Families Safe

Nothing is more important than keeping our communities safe. As a Member of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, Mike worked with his colleagues to make public safety a top priority. During his tenure, the Board hired additional police officers and gave them the tools they need to do their jobs. And this led to reductions in the crime rate.

As Commonwealth’s Attorney, Mike will remain dedicated to safeguarding our neighborhoods. He will ensure that we have the best and brightest lawyers serving as our prosecutors, and he will work with them to bring those who commit crimes in our community to justice. Mike will not back down and will not let criminals threaten our families.

Modernizing the Office and Making it more Transparent

In the past fifty years, the community of Prince William, Manassas, and Manassas Park has grown from 100,000 to nearly half a million residents. The Office of Commonwealth’s Attorney has changed from a part-time position to a full time job, with 25 Assistant Commonwealth Attorneys and a budget of over $6 million dollars. Yet the culture of the office and many of its policies have not changed in generations.

Mike understands that it is time to modernize. We have to look at new ways of doing things, employ new technologies, and become more transparent. As a Member of the Board of County Supervisors, Mike maintained an open-door policy with constituents. Mike will bring his same commitment to transparency to the Office of Commonwealth’s Attorney and introduce needed reforms.

Actively Engaging our Community to Enhance Public Safety and Crime Prevention

Mike understands that it takes police, prosecutors, and our citizens working together to keep our community safe. And that’s why as Commonwealth’s Attorney, Mike will actively engage our community. As a Member of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, Mike held frequent town hall meetings, sent regular community updates through email and social media, and was always accessible to his constituents.

As your next Commonwealth’s Attorney, Mike will implement a proactive community outreach plan. He will engage with all constituencies, including the faith community, civic groups, and minority communities to improve the visibility and accessibility of the office. Working together, we will establish important community connections to enhance public safety and improve crime prevention.

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